New - Any economic operator certified according to the 2BS voluntary scheme must contract its rights and obligations with 2BS before 15 February 2017


To this end:
Creation of the account on the site
Edition of the contract duly completed (date, signed and bearing the commercial stamp)
The maintenance of the 2BS certification of an economic operator is framed by a contract to be signed before 15 February 2017 between the Association 2BS and the entity certified.
This contract defines the rights and obligations of 2BS and the economic operator, in particular:
 The new royalty payment process
 The conditions for suspension of a certificate
 The framework and objective of integrity audits and audit file reviews
The economic operators must create an account on the website, complete the different fields so that the contract can be established and the fee is calculated. Then, download the contract with 2BS, complete it (dated, signed, stamped commercially) and return it to 2BS by post (Association 2BS - 11 rue de Monceau - 75008 PARIS - France) before 15 February 2017.
The creation of an account on the site also offers the customer the possibility to have in his private space:
 an exchange platform with the certification body (for editing certificates and audit reports, crossing documents to facilitate the preparation of audits, etc.),
 direct access to procedures and schema references,
 access to news.
Operators wishing to be certified for the first time will be immediately integrated into the new bid review and contract signing process. After signing the contract with the certification body recognised by 2BS of its choice, the operator must create his account on, an essential step for the validation of the contract with 2BS.
For those who already have an account and are identified with an e-mail address on the old 2BS website, it is enough for the economic operator to log in, enter his e-mail address and ask for " lost password ". An e-mail will be sent with a new password. It will then suffice to connect and complete the various tabs such as "my information of certifications", "my information", and so on.
For those who do not have an account and have been identified with an e-mail address on the old site, the economic operator is considered a new economic operator, it only needs to follow the attached procedure

2BS Team