Upgrading Beet Bioethanol GHG Calculator


 2BS-PRO-03-CAL (9) - GHG Calculator

Purpose of the improvement
- The integration of an energy block, integrated at each stage of production, and which allows modelling finely the systems of production of steam and electricity (notably cogenerations, multiple steam production systems, Electricity or electricity produced by the turbo, which is common in sugar mills).
- The distinction between the two processes that make up the bioethanol beet processing chain: sugar refinery and distillery, instead of a single process block. This makes it possible in particular to improve the accuracy of the allocation between the beet pulps and the various sugary candy substrates.
- The modelling of each sugar substrate intended for the distillery: green juice, syrup and lean sewer of 2nd crystallisation jet. Thus, modelling approaches as closely as possible to industrial reality, without being too complex.

2BS Team